EuroCham Myanmar Garment Advocacy Group and Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) discuss collaboration for Garment sector development

On Thursday 7th January 2021, a virtual meeting was held between EuroCham Myanmar’s Garment Advocacy Group and the MGMA. During this meeting, both parties discuss how the Garment Advocacy Group (consisting of several European brands and factories in Myanmar), MGMA and the government can actively collaborate to promote the sustainable development of the Myanmar garment sector.  


Both parties began the discussion by acknowledging the importance of garment sector in Myanmar economy in terms of exports and generating job opportunities. EuroCham Myanmar’s Executive Director, Ms. Karina Ufert further stressed on the importance of the sector in Myanmar, with EU garment exports value reaching 2.3 billion Euros out of the total exports valued at 3.4 billion Euros in 2019 alone, and the crucial role of EBA scheme in promoting trade in Myanmar. The Garment Advocacy Group Co-Chair Mr. Serkan Tanka further elaborated on the importance of skill enhancement in facilitating a smooth transition from Cut-Make-Pack (CMP) to Free-On-Board (FOB), and in the larger context, the sustainable development of the garment sector in Myanmar.  


The Co-Chair then elaborated on how the group has been engaging with the various government bodies such as Ministry of Labor, Population and Immigration, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, in order to have an active and consistent communication among various stakeholders to further promote not just the skills enhancement for workers but also to promote a more sustainable and attractive business climate for garment sector development.  


The MGMA Chairman U Myint Soe agreed that having a platform for active collaboration and communication between the government and all relevant stakeholders is paramount in generating and implementing a concrete and effective action plan to promote sustainable development of the garment industry. The MGMA Secretary General, Daw Khine Khine Nwe, further highlighted their engagements with government and the programs that MGMA is implementing in terms of promoting skills development and improving labor relations for the employees and employers in the garment sector.  


Both parties acknowledged that the EuroCham Myanmar Garment Advocacy Group and the MGMA have a common vision to promote sustainable development of the garment sector in Myanmar and having active collaborative platform with key stakeholders is key to achieve such critical goal. MGMA agreed to have further assessment on how MGMA Executive Committee can be further involved in the establishment of such working group. The EuroCham Myanmar’s Executive Director then concluded the meeting by re-emphasizing on the importance of MGMA’s participation in establishing an active working group with various ministries and thanked the efforts that MGMA made to advance the industry. 

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