First podcast episode of EuroCham Myanmar on Legal and Tax

EuroCham Myanmar is launching the first episode of its new Podcast: Legal and Tax in Myanmar. The aim of the podcast is to provide reliable, up-to-date and high-quality information on legal and tax issues to foreign companies based in Myanmar or seeking to do business in Myanmar. This channel is run by the Legal and Tax Advocacy Group at EuroCham Myanmar and offers great insights by leading experts on these topics. In this episode, EuroCham Myanmar’s Legal and Tax Advocacy Officer, Pablo Galvez, discusses with Bhawna Bakshi and Rohan Bishayee, both Legal Advisors at DFDL Myanmar about the investment climate in Myanmar. The discussions revolved around the new available options (in terms of registering companies and accessing to finance) for foreign investors after the new Myanmar Companies Law has been enacted. Insurance, trading and banking are sectors that have experienced liberalization in terms of policy. The episode ends outlining the new developments surrounding intellectual property rights.

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