Event Info:

  • Wed 28 March, 2018
  • 17:30 - 19:00
  • Melia Hotel Yangon, Room 5, Level 1
  • Supported by EuroCham


With a rapidly growing telecommunications infrastructure and the resulting improved connectivity, Myanmar is in the midst of a large scale, digitalization process. The government has instigated its E-Government program, banks are jumping from pen and paper book-keeping to the use of fin-tech services to name just a few examples. While the new-found connectivity and digitalization brings many improvements and opportunities with it, it is also opens the doors to an entirely new threat – cyber-crime.

Join us for an evening of briefing, which will open your eyes to the fascinating world of cyber security. Learn from some of the best experts in the field about the concept of cyber security, the latest threats and trends, how to increase awareness among your staff and what it means to protect your organization. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be an IT expert to join!

Florian Frank, Director of Business Development, DLG
David Schiffman, Cyber Security Consultancy and Cyber Awareness Specialists, CTO ThinkCyber
Roi Naon, Senior VP, Intercept Cyber Intelligence

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