Event Info:

  • Wed 28 February, 2018
  • 00:00 - 00:00
  • Online survey
  • Supported by EuroCham


ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Members include Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines. As of 2016, ASEAN's 10 economies represent $2.5 trillion in combined gross domestic product (GDP), around 4% of the global total; their combined population is 639 million people, around 9% of the global total. Growth in ASEAN is now forecast at 5.0% in 2017 and 5.1% in 2018.

According to the third annual EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey by the EU-ASEAN Business Council, which polled more than 300 executives from European companies around Southeast Asia, European businesses continue to have a very positive outlook in ASEAN region and expect to see ASEAN profits increase.

In order to obtain feedback for increase of internationalization opportunities for EU SMEs to ASEAN region. As an initiative co-funded by the SEBSEAM-M (Support to EU Business in South East Asia (MALAYSIA), EUMCCI is collaborating with EBN to gather feedback from the EU SMEs interested in conducting business in the ASEAN region via an online survey, with the objectives to:

  •     identify obstacles SMEs entering ASEAN market are facing;
  •     understand how internationalisation opportunities for EU SMEs to ASEAN region could increase;
  •     gain deeper understanding of needs of those companies who want to enter ASEAN market, and
  •     design better supporting services.

We would kindly ask you to take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete the survey and tell us about your experience engaging/expanding in Asian markets. Please click here to complete the survey, before 28th February 2018. Thank you for your participation!