The EuroCham Legal Advocacy Group is a platform for information sharing and discussion and concerns itself with legal matters in Myanmar relating to all commercial sectors and legal issues ancillary thereto.

It is a joint lobbying initiative in Myanmar for higher standard in trade and investment. The goal is to help Myanmar government develop policies and laws that would be beneficial for European businesses, planning to enter Myanmar or are already on ground in Myanmar. Such initiative would be beneficial for overall foreign direct investments in Myanmar and would improve the quality of lives of people of Myanmar by generating more employment opportunities and better financial condition.

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  • Produce position papers on important legal issues, which would help Myanmar government understand the possible areas of legal reform form the perspective of European companies in Myanmar. 
  • Assist and promote the development of trade, commerce and investment of European investors in Myanmar by providing timely and valuable advice and support (not legal services) from policy and legal perspective.
  • Providing platform for European companies to understand the Myanmar opportunity from legal perspective by providing a platform for constructive dialogues with public sector on issues of policy and legal reforms to enhance competitiveness and improve business environment in Myanmar.
  • Act as a forum for European companies to maintain relationship with key industrial stakeholders in Myanmar.

  Corporate members

 Audier & Partners, DFDL Myanmar, VDB Loi Myanmar, Luther Law Firm, Dentons Myanmar Limited

Francesco Cassinerio
Co-Chair Legal Advocacy Group
Nishant Choudhary
Co-Chair Legal Advocacy Group