The EuroCham Anti-Illicit Trade Advocacy Group is a platform created to address the challenges related to illegal trade and to advocate solutions to combat these issues across the consumers’ goods and pharmaceutical industries.

The group will work to raise awareness of the volume of illicit trade across industries to both the government and the general public, whilst advocating solutions and best practices that can be implemented to improve enforcement.

The key activities will include advocacy, research, engagement and capacity building to support further understanding and enforcement of illicit trade.

To join the group, please send an email to


  • Co-ordinate regular consultation meetings between the group and the authorized government officials to develop a shared understanding of challenges and issues
  • Enhance any new legislative framework on illicit trade and strengthening the rule of law for enforcement as well as highlighting the need for comprehensive data portals of trading and commodities flow 
  • Conduct training, workshops, media briefings and a public awareness campaign that brings to attention to the cost of illegal trade on the public, private businesses, and the government 

Corporate members

British American Tobacco Myanmar Ltd, Carlsberg Co., Ltd, Heineken Myanmar, Luther Law Firm, Metro Wholesale, Pernod Ricard & Unilever (Myanmar) Services Limited.

Mr. Fabian Lorenz
Co-Chair Anti-Illicit Trade Advocacy Group
Khine Wai Thwe
Co-Chair Anti-Illicit Trade Advocacy Group